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Brice Bowhay – LMT,BCSI,CPT

Board Certified Structural Integrator

Brice is the owner of the Center for Alignment. He is a IASI Board Certified Structural Integrator, Licensed Massage Therapist, and a Diplomaed Personal Trainer. This allows him to converge a diverse background and unique perspective to his work, collaborating between physical therapy, somatic, and manual therapy techniques. His passion to partnering with his clients, sharing with him how they can enjoy their bodies feel lighter, more grounded, and more balanced. His passions include breathing mechanics, gait, functional physical training, Structural Integration, and cutting-edge physiotherapy techniques from the Postural Restoration Institute. He remains up to date on the latest research and peers in adjacent physical therapy fields.

Each of these assist him to holistically address issues in the body through touch, and positional exercises using awareness of the breath. His aim is to help change the experience of your body from the outside-in, and from the inside-out.

Brice’s mission is to equip you with all the tools necessary to feel at home in order to feel at home in your own skin.

He believes peace and joy are a perpetual human right, and that is only possible through remaining able to be connected to our bodies and emotions.


“After 10 years as an active personal trainer, I still encountered stiffness and pain from scoliosis. Yoga, weightlifting, stretching, running, physical therapy, chiropractic, massage, scoliosis exercises- nothing really helped. I was profoundly impacted by the sense of feeling a prisoner in my body, instead of supported and comfortable in it.

My pelvis was twisted, breathing was shallow, sleep was poor: I always was uncomfortable.

“While working a BS in Health and Human Performance, I was prepping to enter into a chiropractic or physical therapy program. In my case, it was all just bells and whistles, smoke and mirrors- no real solutions.

I stumbled on “Structural Integration” during a google search. I decided to give the 10-Series a chance as a last result, and was shocked to find that I actually felt different and better after each session. More than that, the results seemed to last, and I began feeling exponentially better with the “10 Series” of Structural Integration. I’m thankful to say that, for me, the results have still stuck with me years later. I had no idea it was possible to feel this good.

Today, my body feels better than it did as a teenage. I don’t feel trapped in my body anymore- I feel freed by it! I’ve seen it transform me and dozens of others firsthand and give us our lives back! This is my passion and what I was put on Earth to practice and share with you.”

Training and Credentials

Brice graduated for the 500-hour program at the National Personal Training Institute. This was the best vocational program and the only program in the nation to provide a Diploma in Personal Training, versus just a certificate from a weekend course. He continued to work as a personal trainer and later branched off to become a Nationally Certified EMT, both out of passion for physiology and helping people in need.

In 2018, he decided Structural Integration was the most powerful modality for helping people exhaustive research on which modality could make a profound impact for clients. studying at the world-renowned The Guild for Structural Integration. He then began practicing in California, before moving back to his home in Salt Lake City. He is now a Board Certified Structural Integrator, a member of the International Association of Structural Integrators, and continues to learn and collaborate with others in the field, to deliver the best possible service for his clients.

Brice brings a unique approach to Structural Integration. He uses Postural Restoration Institute techniques (a rarity among “S.I.” practitioners) in order to normalize positions of the ribcage, spine, and pelvis through positional drills. He balances respiratory (breathing) patterns and gait (walking) positions through a variety of cutting-edge techniques. His mentors include Alex Effer, Bill Hartman, Katie St. Clair, Amber Leigh Burnham, Elisa Jane Noel, Ben Hanawalt, Manny Aragon, Kevin Lucas, and Zac Cupples.

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