Structural Integration is extremely simple idea: If compression (pushing forces) and tension (pulling forces) throughout the body are evenly distributed, the movements of the body are graceful and pain will not have a “place to stay” anymore.

This science, art, philosophy, and bodywork modality galvanize this idea into action: equipping people to heal their structure, which is their home.

It theorizes that, observing the interconnective nature of the form and functions within the body, an intelligent system in a systematic progression, which respects and maintains integrity of the body (no temporary bandages here), supports the self-supportive role of the body, and thus may be considered the most efficient, effective, and safe solution to restoring the integrity of the physical structure in the hands of a skilled SI provider.

It utilizes a series of 10 sequential sessions, addressing chronic issues in the body to achieve a result that persist and remain, ideally for years and decades.

Pain-levels, performance, posture, stress, fluidity, balance, and alignment of the body often improve dramatically with many clients.

It works by manually opening with the fascial “wrapper” of the body, to literally allow space back in the body to move appropriately. Free movement of muscles are impossible without proper “slide and glide” of the layers of your connective tissue, which adhere and become “sticky” with overuse or underuse.

This method is recommended by doctors, physical therapists, coaches, and psychotherapists to address root causes of aberrant negative conditions in the fascia connective tissue system of the body. Together, we begin to reverse the restrictions our modern lifestyle has on us, and allow us to feel the way nature intended humans to feel.

Our results, testimonials, and before and after videos speaks for themselves.. but this work isn’t for everyone.

Contact us about any nagging injuries or discomforts, to learn whether we would be a good fit.